International Conference on Developmental Coordination Disorder

In 1994, leading researchers in the field gathered at the London International Consensus Conference in Canada for discussions on the nomenclature, description and definition, assessment and management of motor coordination problems in children. This group recommended the use of “Developmental Coordination Disorder” (DCD) as a unifying term to facilitate interdisciplinary communication and accessibility of information. Since then, knowledge in the field has grown considerably.

In 1995, the first international conference on children with DCD was held in London, UK. Following that meeting, the conference was held about every two years, becoming a leading event to exchange and update information for researchers, clinicians and also parents. With a view to improving patient care and to perfect our knowledge of DCD, each new conference covers different subjects in order to jointly advance understanding and techniques with researchers from different backgrounds and nationalities.

In 2005, the researchers meeting at DCD-VI in Trieste officially formed the International Society for Research into DCD to encourage collaboration, inform, promote, and disseminate information. A mailing list (DCD-RES) was also created for researchers and clinicians interested in studying DCD. The conferences of the International Society for Research in DCD bring together a large number of participants, researchers, professionals and parents. In Europe the number of participants continues to increase: 200 in Trieste (Italy) in 2005, 400 in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 2011.